South Bay RP

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Community Discord

Click the button below to be invited to the South Bay RP community Discord. The latest news about the server, including changelog, is posted there. You can also access the server rules and other information.

Player Guide

South Bay has an extensive player guide which aims to help players who are brand new or veterans. If you are new to FiveM, or TeamSpeak, check out the Beginner's Guide. If you have a question about the server, ask it on the Player Guide's ``Search`` function. Check it out today!

Salty Chat TeamSpeak Plugin

Salty Chat is an in-game VOIP replacement, using a custom made TeamSpeak Plugin. Just a few benefits over the standard VOIP are: better voice quality, radio system, proximity chat unique to each player, and phone calls. Scroll down for setup instructions (it's easy).

Download & Play



TeamSpeak Setup

  • With TeamSpeak already installed, download the file below and open it to install the Salty Chat TS3 plugin.

  • SaltyChat_2.3.6.ts3_plugin (Download)

  • You will need to set up a bookmark in order to connect to the SBRP TeamSpeak server. Open TeamSpeak and go to Bookmarks then Manage Bookmarks. Click at the bottom right Add Bookmark. Name the bookmark "SBRP" (or whatever you would like). Fill out the "Server Nickname/Address" with our TeamSpeak server address: On the right side where it says "Sound Pack", choose "Sounds Deactivated". Once you are connected, assuming the Salty Chat plugin is installed, then you are ready to join the FiveM server! P.S. You will still need to setup your TeamSpeak push-to-talk hotkey. Do this under Tools then choose Options, then Playback on the left side.


  • First, connect to our TeamSpeak server using the bookmark you setup above.

  • Next connect to the FiveM server by clicking HERE to open FiveM and automatically connect! You can also open FiveM yourself, press F8 then type connect Or you can search for us on the server browser.

    IMPORTANT: Once you are connected to the server press ESCAPE, go to your GTA settings and DISABLE the built-in voice chat. Feel free to let us know on Discord if you have any questions. Enjoy!

  • Don't forget to keep up to date on our community Discord 😉

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